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Registration procedure

Information on how to register:

  • Get information for up-coming courses from the flyer of General Chinese (If you cannot open the link, please download the program here http://get.adobe.com/reader/).
  • Choose a suitable program and class time; if you have any questions, our staff is always willing to consult you on the program which best suits your needs
  • Fill out the Application Form of General Chinese and Registration Form of General Chinese.
  • Entering students can register a class at Beginner level (H1) of General Chinese
  • Students register a class of General Chinese must take placement tests to be placed in suitable levels according to their performance on the test; if not, it will automatically be registered to Beginner level (H1 or N1) of General Chinese 


  • Students under 12 years old are unacceptable
  • Registration is during work hours (7:30-11:30 and 13:30-18:00) from Monday to Friday at CEFALT Academic Management Office
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