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Foreign affairs training course

In an environment of rapid globalization, the conduct of foreign affairs is no longer an exclusivity of career diplomats. For the professionalism and efficiency in diplomatic affairs, individuals and organisations need to have a thorough understanding of international relations and consistent standards of diplomatic skills. To accommodate this demand, CEFALT offers training programs in international relations providing basic knowledge of Vietnam’s foreign policy, updating information on the evolution of international, political and economic relations, improving the knowledge of international law and the handling of legal, protocol and negotiating techniques and skills...

Key features:

  • Courses are developed and frequently updated to meet the practical needs of government officials, particularly those who work in fields related to foreign affairs. In addition, courses are customized and offered to meet everyone’s needs.

  • Lecturers are professors from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and various universities as well as leaders and experienced officials from Ho Chi Minh City External Relations Department and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Courses offered:

Introduction to International Studies provides the fundamentals of diplomatic history, Vietnam’s foreign policy, international economic relations, international law and diplomatic skills.

Update on International Relations includes the most recent knowledge on international relations, global economy and foreign economic relation exchange.

Diplomatic Skills offers learners opportunities to develop and practice the essential skills in dealing with foreign affairs (consular affairs, protocol and cross-cultural communication, presentation, negotiation, public relations...) from basic to advanced levels.

Workshop on International Relations held on an annual basis and focusing on issue-of-the-day in the international sphere under the guidance of researchers and lecturers from various well-known international institutions and universities.

Customized courses conducted at any workplaces in Ho Chi Minh City or in other provinces. The curriculum is designed according to particular needs and demands, relevant to practical professional skills and current events.

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