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Intensive TOEIC

Course objectives:
The Advanced Negotiation Skills course is aimed at helping those who have the demand of using negotiation skills at work to improve and develop negotiation skills with fluency and confidence.

Students will learn following skills:

-   Negotiation preparation;

-   Negotiation procedure;

-   Viewpoint identification;

-   Solving disputes;

-   Implementation and response to projects;

-   Bargain;

-   Final decision.


The course will also provide students with some lessons on social and telephone communication skills.

Target learners:
Participants who are 20 years old or older and have advanced level in English are eligible to take this course.

Detailed program: 1 class = 9 weeks = 60 periods


Vietnamese teacher

Foreign teacher

Fee/ Student (VND)


2 sessions/ week

1 session/ week


For more information, please read Registration Procedure and the course flyer.

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The IELTS course will commence on 25/9/2017. (22-8-2017)
English course 3.17 (25/9/2017) (22-8-2017)